CynergyWorks© FAQs

Q: How much can I expect to pay?

Because each service is qualitatively different, I will work individually with clients on establishing fees. If there is much research involved, or other expenses to be considered, such as travel time and gasoline costs, fees will be adjusted accordingly. Normally, depending on length and type of project, the rates will be based on an hourly basis or for the entire project.


Q: What are your special interests?

Though I relish researching and writing about areas in which I’ve not yet ventured, I particularly enjoy certain subjects. These include Southern California history and geography; community development; Christianity; Midwestern life and culture; photography; pets and wild birds; arts and crafts; psychology; mental health; fitness and nutrition; mentoring children; art; music and culture; the Spanish language; Biblical studies; ethnic culture and foods.


Q: How do I know I should choose you?

Twenty-five combined years of experience in writing, tutoring and photography together with two college degrees and a certificate in Community Economic Development make me a well-rounded professional. People hire me because I am personable and dependable and I meet deadlines. I treasure the personal and professional relationships that develop as I work with others.

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